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How much will it cost?

For information on prices please call the Warwickshire Head and Neck Clinic on 02476 647070.

We will be able to advise you of our consultation fee, which includes a consultation by a specialist head, neck and thyroid surgeon.

Additional tests, such as examination of the voice box, the ultrasound of the neck or thyroid, blood tests, a needle biopsy or specialised imaging such as a CT scan or MRI, will be charged separately, but the cost will be discussed with you beforehand.

If you have private health insurance: please contact your insurance company before attending your appointment to inform them that you will be attending the clinic. You may need to give them the names of the consultants you will be seeing. Please also let them know that you may require tests or scans which will be done at the same visit.

If you are paying your self: please enquire about our fixed price consultation fee.

There are several methods of payment. Payment is usually requested before the consultation unless agreed by prior arrangement. You can spread out the cost of your treatment by using the BMI card.

Warwickshire Head & Neck Clinic